Most Seemless Seedbox Experience Ever

was having some connectivity latency issues with my current SB which i have been using for 3 years?

annoyed i looked at reddit say someone mentioned which i had never heard before. Looked at the plans they offered..and wow same amount im paying but 3x the disk space and 5x the speed?

Decided to try it out just yesterday. Had trouble paying at first, within minutes community helped me out on discord.

Tested out the box...i was blowwwn fkin away. Setups of apps were super easy and all the info you need to connect and run is either in the documentations or info panels.

Speeds were insane for the price. I want to move stuff over from my old SB, contacted support and in less than an hr each, i got responses from them and soon after they were doing it for me.

Seedbox = A*

Support = A*

Documentation of products = A*

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