Make the product description for the App Vault Lineup More Clearer

Please make it clear in the product description for the App Vault lineup that the user will be on the same shared 50Gbps connection but only with a 1Gbps upload speed cap.

All the Essential, Tank, and Bolt lineups state that the connection is shared ("Shared Upload Speed" + N Gbps). But for the App Vault lineup, it only says "1Gbps Maximum Upload Speed". Since all the others but the App Vault lineup state that they are on a shared connection, it is easy for the user to get confused.

Just adding the fact that it was shared would suffice for me. For example something on the lines of: "1Gbps Maximum on 50Gbps Shared Upload Connection"

I'm not that skilled with juggling words so just take the gist of my suggestion, if you would please.

Thank you.


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20 days ago


An Anonymous User

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