WEBDAV Http accès

Actually when logging on http access when can dowload files and browse them. But we can't sort the file like the last added or the newest, etc. It's because of NGinx Server does not include this feature. In other seedbox provider, there is a way to get an http access with sort option via WEBDAV http access. We just need to add /webdav after the server address. It would be very nice if Ultra.cc would add this feature.

I'm using this access because I need to get download link to put in my NAS downloader. And is so anoying to not be able to get quiclky the last download added. I've installed filebrowser on my seedbox, but the way of sorting is so bad, it's mixing folders and files, and takes so long to find the lastest download on it.

That's why I'm asking Ultra.cc to add this feature as soon as possible on their server.

It would be so nice from Ultra.cc

By the way, I'm asking it politely for sure ah ah


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💡 Feature Request


21 days ago


An Anonymous User

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