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Request to add installer/docker for cloud online browsing!

Hi Ultra.CC Team,Keep up the amazing work, happy customer here for over long period of time :)I was wondering, how cool with it be if the devs can add cloud online browser as an installer/docker to service control panel in sub tab "Installer"For example and demo check: https://hub.docker.com/r/kasmweb/firefoxOr any other remote browser would do as well.Not sure if there are many requests or animo, but it will sure help me out in my line of work due to company policies they are blocking many good websites that actually makes our lives a bit easier, I'm thinking in the line of AI as in ChatGPT, Google Brad, etc..It would be greatly appreciated if you can bring the subject to the attention of devs.Thanks for taking this request into consideration.

An Anonymous User about 12 hours ago

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