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Add Maintainerr as an application in the control panelhttps://github.com/jorenn92/MaintainerrMaintainerr makes managing your media easy.Do you hate being the janitor of your server?Do you have a lot of media that never gets watched?Do your users constantly request media, and let it sit there afterward never to be touched again?If you answered yes to any of those questions.. You NEED Maintainerr. It's a one-stop-shop for handling those outlying shows and movies that take up precious space on your server.FeaturesConfigure rules specific to your needs, based off of several available options from Plex, Overseerr, Radarr, and Sonarr.Manually add media to a collection, in case it's not included after rule execution. (one-off items that don't match a rule set)Selectively exclude media from being added to a collection, even if it matches a rule.Show a collection, containing rule matched media, on the Plex home screen for a specific duration before deletion. Think "Leaving soon".Optionally, use a manual Plex collection, in case you don't want Maintainerr to add & remove Plex collections at will.Manage media straight from the collection within Plex. Maintainerr will sync and add or exclude media to/from the internal collection.Remove or unmonitor media from *arrClear requests from OverseerrDelete files from diskCurrently, Maintainerr supports rule parameters from these apps :PlexOverseerrRadarrSonarr

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